web content management system (CMS)

A web Content Management System enables non-technical contributors to maintain and expand their website. A CMS uses software and a database to manage and organize website content. A standard web browser is all that is required to allow the editor to create content, add images and multimedia files,...

top virtualization decision drivers

“Small businesses that have virtualized say that the top drivers for their decision to do so were replacement of aging hardware [43 percent], server consolidation [36 percent], improved backup and disaster recovery [35 percent], greater efficiency of IT infrastructure [27 percent] and reduced IT o...

global targeted attacks focus on Small Businesses

Based on data from the past six months, the June 2012 Symantec Intelligence Report found that more than a third of global targeted attacks are aimed at small businesses. Attackers appear to be diverting their resources to exploit the vulnerabilities of small businesses, which often have fewer secur...

benefits of Cloud Computing

Reduction of Hardware and Software Cost: On Average, acquisition of software and equipment make up almost 50% of the total cost of ownership for a business. Subscription based services will greatly reduce the start-up and operating cost of new or small businesses. Cloud hosting can offer a signif...

Technology Services for Professionals

KNIGHT I.T. Inc. offers technology services to enable businesses of all sizes to focus on their core services, not their technology infrastructure. Our managed approach combines proven project management skills, strategic business planning, best practices expertise, and optimized IT environments to enhance productivity, improve data security, integrity, and availability, and provide our clients with consistent and measurable results.

To ensure the success of your project, below are the three fundamental processes we employ to help you better understand and define your need for a solution.

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Unveil your greatest technology risks or opportunities

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Establish theNeed

As a first step, we assist you in identifying the basic needs for a solution and the desired outcome. We examine how and why this new initiative will benefit your business and if the effort is aligned with your organization’s overall corporate strategy.

Present ClearContext

Once the need is clearly defined, we analyze any past efforts to find a solution and ascertain what worked and didn’t work. We also identify any internal and external constraints on implementing a solution.

Design theSolution

With the problem clearly stated and understood, we proceed to establish a consensus on the parameters of a viable solution and what resources are required to solve the problem.

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Solutions for Your Business

Whether you're a small business looking for advice on technology or an enterprise in need of data conversion or Canadian Payroll/HR/Benefits application customization or business process mapping, we can help.

  • 18+ years industry experience
  • Enterprise-level best practices
  • Project based pricing
  • 24x7 post implementation support
  • Comprehensive documentation and training

Each of our IT consultants brings a deep understanding of business practices and industry knowledge in addition to many years of experience delivering IT solutions. We are uniquely qualified to help you leverage your IT investment to achieve your business objectives.

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